ArtSafari 2021

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This past month has been full of things to see and do in Bucharest. A few weeks ago I got to go visit something that has been on my “to see” list for a while – Art Safari 2021. I’ve heard good things about it, I’ve seen lots of posts about it, and luckily the organizers extended the event for longer and so I got to go visit. The price was surprisingly high in my opinion (80 lei per person?) and made me skeptical about visiting , but I’m glad I did.  Although it’s been over for two weeks now it remains in my thoughts so I thought I’d give a brief overview 🙂 

What is ArtSafari?

Hosted in the “Palatul Dacia-Romania” (right opposite the Romanian National Bank in the centre of the city), ArtSafari is a yearly temporary art exhibition. 

This year it was split into 3 main sections: “Samuel Müntzer- following Monet”, works by the Romanian artist Constantin Piluta, and a contemporary art exhibition with work by Romanian artists surrounding the theme of “Superheroes and Antiheroes”. Each of these sections was spaced out over several rooms, so you followed a path which took you around the whole building – something I thought was incredible as the architecture is a work of art in itself! Between those 3 “main” exhibitions there were smaller rooms dedicated to a smaller art piece or pieces, often by sponsors, but there was definitely a lot to see with over 800 works on display! If you have children, there were also works by children displayed as well as a small workshop for them to get to show off their art skills. You could even paint your own sneakers, which I thought was super cute. 

What was ArtSafari 2021 like?

 Despite being someone who does not often frequent art galleries or exhibitions, I really enjoyed myself and spent a good few hours roaming the galleries as there truly was much more to see than I had expected! I must admit, Samuel Müntzer’s works were my favorite. You got to follow him on a journey through time, with all his paintings grouped based on their chronology and the place of inspiration. This resulted in beautiful wings, each with paintings inspired by Japan, Bulgaria, or the Romanian countryside grouped together. It was incredible to see so many works, all made by one man, in one place at the same time.

“Superheroes and Antiheroes” featured lots of artists and works on various mediums ranging from embroidery, to sheet music as well as paintings, which I found to be fascinating. 

I think the best way for me to share this experience is by posting some photos, so here are some of my highlights. Check out @livinlifethroughalens on insta for more clips and photos too 🙂

 I’ll definitely be keeping an eye out for and looking forward to the 2022 edition in May/June of next year. I hope to see you there!

Until then, tell me – what do you think of this event? Have you been? Do you plan on going?

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